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Neonatal Ventilator - Model: NV8 from COMEN .CE Certified Product.

Neonatal Ventilator - Model: NV8 from COMEN .CE Certified Product.

Specially designed for neonates, NV8 provides the most professional and diversified noninvasive nasal ventilation modes with advanced apnea wakeup function and automatic leakage compensation function. For price with compressor CLICK in SELECT BOX.

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·         Accurate and safe fresh gas delivered by iFlow Intelligent

·         Closed-loop Control System to protect fragile new life;

·         User-friendly operating system with easy clinical practice

·         to facilitate medical staff;

·         Integrated ventilation solutions providing SNIPPV/NIPPV,

·         NCPAP and HFNC modes for safe ventilator weaning.

·         The world's leading Non Invasive  ventilation modes

·         NCPAP (Nasal continuous positive airway pressure) + apnea wakeup function

·         Exceptional apnea wakeup function

·         Sleep apnea occurs among 50% to 60% preterm babies. The shorter the gestation is, the higher the incidence. Abdomen attached respiration sensor configured provides reliable apnea monitoring and wakeup function, effectively lowering the incidence

·         Abdomen attached respiration sensor:Neonates conduct abdominal breathing. Attach the sensor to the abdomen, obvious abdomen up and down movements squeeze the sensor and transforms respiratory signals to electric ones

·         for the system to collect and identify.

·         Apnea wakeup function:When there is no spontaneous breathing signal detected during the preset apnea interval, give out one time inspiratory pressure for apnea wakeup, or switch to backup ventilation.

·         NIPPV (Nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation)

·         Through increasing the pressure of the upper respiratory tract by intermittently increasing pharyngeal pressure, and through encouraging respiratory movements by intermittent laryngeal expansion, NIPPV can produce higher average airway pressure than CPAP and can increase alveolar filling. This would effectively improve oxygenation and ventilation, reduce patient’s work of breathing (WOB), and increase functional residual capacity (FRC).

·         Maximum 15 seconds long inspiratory time, ensuring smooth and spontaneous breathing under bilevel pressure.

·         SNIPPV (synchronized nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation) + backup ventilation)

·         Synchronization with breathing: when patient inhales, its abdomen goes up and triggers the sensor to send out inspiratory pressure synchronically, reducing man-machine confrontation and WOB, smoothing the breath.

·         Abdomen attached respiration sensor: accurately identify respiratory waveform, synchronically be triggered and precisely monitor respiratory rate (RR).

·         Backup ventilation: when patient stops breathing for longer than the preset apnea interval, NV8 will automatically switch to backup ventilation and ventilate patient as per preset RR to prevent sleep apnea.

·         HFNC (High flow nasal cannula) + pressure monitoring function

·         Compared with traditional oxygen therapy instrument, NV8 makes real-time pressure monitoring and waveform display possible, guaranteeing ventilation safety under HFNC mode and preventing unpredicted consequences due to overpressure.

·         Comes standard with Fisher & Paykel humidifier, offering warm and fresh gas for neonates.

·         One button for fast oxygen ventilation

·         Maximum 120 seconds' oxygen output with high concentration, one-button operation, quick SpO2 restoration after clinical care, reducing workload.

·         Manual ventilation

·         Higher airway pressure feasible based on clinical needs, maximum 15-second continuous ventilation manually.

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