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Hydraulic Operation Table. C Arm compatible C Arm compatible OT Table Model: MI 111

Hydraulic Operation Table. C Arm compatible C Arm compatible OT Table Model: MI 111
Semi Electric also available.

This is hydraulic surgical table designed especially for Orthopedic, Neurology, Urology and ERCP Procedure. The Meditech MI 111 Surgical Table features can be opting by its mechanism i.e. Lateral tilt, Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg, Chair Position, Flex – reflex and Adjustable height functions. The MI 111 is constructed of stainless steel and other high quality materials. The table is equipped with a large translucent top, for C-arm use. An ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE Certified product

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  • Specialized for orthopaedic, neurology, ERCP, laparoscopy and urology.
  • The MI 111 provides excellent C-Arm and surgical access.
  • Slimline column offset relative to tabletop and base.
  • Furnished with hard, robust stainless steel shell which provides the sense of dirt free & sanitized operations.
  • Smooth height adjustment of the table can be achieved by using the foot pedal.
  • Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, flex-reflex, chair operated manually.
  • Interchangeable general sections (head/leg).

Technical Spedifications:

Top dimension L 1905 x W 533 mm
Height adjustment 750 mm – 1000 mm
Trendelenburg / Reverse 30° / 25°
Lateral tilt 20° / 20°
Kidney elevator 150 mm
Back Rest (up / down) 80° / 25°
Leg Rest (up / down) 15° / 90°
Head Rest (up / down) 20° / 60°
Patient Weight Capacity 150 kgs (330 lbs)

Ortho Attachments specifications

Ortho Attachment allows the table to be used for the lower extremity procedures. Available at competitive prices our ortho attachment is purely made of stainless steel which resist corrosion.

Features :

  • The Orthopedic Attachment MI 112 can be used with any operating table.
  • In addition, a pelvic support plate is supported on top of the frame and is formed with an asymmetrical construction.
  • Stirring Instruments allows flexion/raising of legs & stirring/string ball joints locked from foot end.
  • Two traction devices on sliding spot with ball joint allowing flexions & rotations of foot with traction shoe with metallic sole.
  • Padded orthopedic knee crutches/provides support to the legs of the patient.

Accessories :

  • Tibia Nailing
  • Femur Nailing
  • Hip Prosthesis
  • Steinmen Pin Holder
  • Perineal Post for Adult & Child

Neuro Attachment specifications

Features :

  • This cervical attachment use for all prone position procedures.
  • It is padded with soft, pliable sponge rubber for equalized weight distribution and incorporates the new quick-change pads.
  • The horseshoe width can be quickly adjusted to accommodate various head sizes.
  • A removable, adjustable pulley bar is included if traction is desired.

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