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About Us is operated by Xavier Med Pvt Ltd. The company with its deep understanding of the Medical equipment business makes Hospital equipment procurement easy & economical. is a revolution in the  medical equipment business, providing doctors/hospital products with options of ONLINE PURCHASES(in future), Traditional Product detailing by Phone calls, Conventional form of QUOTATION SYSTEM, and above all an option for Physical DEMONSTRATION of equipment chosen.
The site provides the best prices and best quality with after-sales servicing,after-sales is done both by the manufacturing company's own service personnel and also by " buyxavier " own service engineers, who are being placed strategically in various cities and towns.
Buyxavier(XMPL) has timelined its expansion plans over the next 5 years, to become the most sought after MEDICAL EQUIPMENT procurement platform in India.
 Buyxavier(XMPL) is working on an interactive platform(PORTAL), integrating the medical fraternity of a similar specialty for interacting through the site for their idea exchanges and views on medical equipment needs & development needed.

EXPORTS : Xaviermed Pvt Ltd is AUTHORIZED WORLD WIDE EXPORTER for Hospital Beds and Hospital furniture manufactured in Hyderabad by reputed manufacturer. The with ware housing, and is ISO 13485,CE Certified.

Excellent qiiality , Timely Delivery world over.

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