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Returns & Refunds

Terms & Conditions of must be met by a user for the return of a product and refund of the amount.

In the case of NON-RETURNABLE items(Mentioned below the product), the user by agreeing to buy the particular product, the user understands that the item is “non-returnable”, and for such items, no request for product return will be entertained by (XMPL).

For items where the” NON-RETURNABLE” Clause is NOT  mentioned, the following clauses apply,

Step 1: The customer has to notify through our website/portal  e mail and the site/portal will respond promptly.

Step 2: Once a request for a product return/compliant request is received, shall initiate the internal process to have the item picked up from the user through logistics partner/ XMPL direct employee.

The returning option will be at the sole discretion of and return/refund requests will be considered in the following cases.

  1. If products are received by a user in damaged condition.
  2. Due to a product complaint, after verification by com(XMPL)
  3. If any sterile product received in already opened condition.
  4. Incorrect processing of order where a user receives a wrong product that ordered for.
  5. Supply of lesser quantity than ordered for, unless otherwise already intimated to user/buyer, and with the consent of user/buyer dispatch is initiated.
  6. In case of dispatch, the period exceeds 30 days after order confirmation and payment receipt, unless otherwise a dispatch period is mentioned to user/buyer and consent take by BUYER/USER.
  7. For a return/refund, the user/buyer has to initiate the return request within 48hrs of receipt of the product. A) Products should be received in unopened and unused condition ONLY are considered for return/Refund. B) If the Package is “opened”, but returned item is “UNUSED” and original packing undamaged though opened, the User will not be eligible for a full refund in amount but will be eligible for a “credit note”/ replacement with an item of higher value, on receipt of different amount of the new item of higher value.
  8. The user/buyer can cancel the order from  if the material already NOT dispatched, if a buyer does not get  dispatch details, a full refund can be sent on cancellation of an order at such stage. In case dispatch details already showing  despatch(by courrier/transporter etc), the user has to contact Customer care by phone or send an email through the site/portal.
  9. For order values >Rs.10,000/- products can only be fully exchanged, and “not refunded” in case of any manufacturing defects, or transit damages/breakages.
  10. These return policy terms will prevail over any terms mentioned in earlier sections if applicable.  

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