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Anesthesia Work Station Including Vaporizer from Cardiolabs, Model- Cflow-5C

Anesthesia Work Station Including Vaporizer from Cardiolabs, Model- Cflow-5C
Available for sale in Andhra Pradesh only

Hi quality Anaesthesia work station with CMV Mode ventilator, circle absorber, suitable for General surgery, Gynaec, Ortho surgeries.

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      Stand alone easy to use anesthesia machine with provision for O2 & N2O

      Unique inbuiit system to guide the initial setting of inspiratory flow

      Bar graph displays dynamic airway pressure showing upper and lower pressure limits

      Switchable Auxiliary Common gas outlet ACGO

      Inbuild pin index Yokes for O2 & N2O

      Inbuild Dual Drawers with big storage space

      Integrated circle observer (1.5) with APL Valve and manual/vent switch

      Emergency O2 flush flow between 35 to 70 LPM

      Lithium lon battery backup 3 hours

      Built-in audio visual alarm

      Settable parameters-BPM, I:E ratio and pressure limits, Inspiratory flow rates

Technical Specifications


·         Operational Modes: Closed & Semi Closed circuit system

·         O2, N2O Cylinder Gas Supply: Pin indexed yokes

·         Pressure gauge: 2 nos. for pipeline, 2 nos. for cylinder

·         Flow Meter: Cascade Flow Meter for O2, N2O

·         Oxygen: Low Flow - 0.1~1.0 lpm & High Flow - 1~10 lpm

·         N2O: Low Flow - 0.1~1.0 lpm & High Flow - 1~10 lpm

·         Hypoxic guard system: Mechanical type provides

·         minimum 25% concentration of O2 in O2/N2O mixture.

·         Method : Proportionate reduce N2O with reduction in O2 flow

·         O2 gas supply failure alarm: O2 pressure ≤ 0.23MPa

·         N2O cut off: N2O cut off with O2 gas supply pressure fail

·         O2 flush: 35~75L/min

·         Switchable ACGO: ISO 22 mm OD and 15 mm ID

·         CO2 absorbent: Quick release type with volume 1.5L.

·         Highly integrated design reduces leaks and misconnects

·         Bag/Vent switch: switch for manual and mechanical ventilation.

·         Integrated Adjustable Pressure Limiting (APL) valve: ≤ 6KPa



·         Driven mode: Pneumatically driven electronically control

·         Patient Type: Adult

·         Tidal Volume (VT): 100ml~1500ml

·         Ventilation mode: VCV

·         STANDBY, Manual/Spontaneous, ACGO

·         Frequency (f): 2~80 bpm

·         I: E ratio: 3:01~1:03



·         Pressure: Ppeak high/low,O2 Pressure fail,

·         alarm mute

·         Power: AC Power fail, Low Battery



·         Parameters: Ppeak, TVi, Freq, Airway Pressure, I:E



·         Single Position Mounting: Tool-free installation

·         Agent type: Halothane, Isoflurane, Sevoflorane,

·         Filling type: Pour-fill, Easy-fill and Quick-fil



·         Dimension: 1400 X 800 X 650 mm (HXWXD)

·         Drawer Size Internal: 400 X 410X 170 mm (LXWXD)

·         Casters: 4 inch diameter, with Front Locking brakes at front

·         DIN rail at both side of machine allow for flexibility and ease of mounting patient monitor

·         Power Supply: AC100~240±10%, 50/60 Hz, 1A, 100VA

·         Ba􀆩ery: 9.6V /3.2AH Lithium Ion Phosphate backup > 3 hours

·         Weight: 90Kg



·         Basic: In accordance with IEC 60601-1, 2 & EMC 60601-2

·         Unit Type: Class, Type B, IPX0

·         Working Environment: Temperature: 10-40 C,

·         RH: 10-90% non condensing


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